The College Board

The Advisory College Board
Members of the Advisory College Board
The Board has decided to form the Advisory College Board headed by Dr. Hassan bin Ali Daghrery and composed of the following members:
  1. Jobran Marei Al-Kahtany, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Najran University, and Vice Dean of Najran University.
  2. Khalid bin Soliman Al-Zamamy, Associate Professor, Assistant Dean to Clinics and Clinical Training Affairs, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University.
  3. Wael Al-Sadda, Academic Supervisor and Secretary to the Board


The Advisory College Board is responsible to provide advice and consultation to promote the College and develop its academic programs and systems aiming at enhancing its performance, strengthen the College’s relationship with the wider community, assist the College in providing resources to support its research and academic activities. The Advisory Board is comprised of a carefully-selected group of experts and consultants in various specialties brought on the Advisory College Board from both the College and local community.

Duties and responsibilities of the Advisory College Board:

  • Provide consultation in relation to the development of the College’s programs.
  • Assist the College in strengthening its relations with the private and public sectors.
  • Provide consultation to ensure that the College’s outputs are employed in the private and public sectors.
  • Provide advice and consultation on issues directly impacting the College’s future trends.
  • Suggest new methodologies to improve academic, research and administrative performance at the College.
  • Assist in linking the College and its academic programs to the local community.
  • Suggest mechanisms to provide financial support for the College’s activities and developmental programs.
  • Suggest methods to enhance and improve internal quality levels at the College.
  • Suggest mechanisms to increase the College’s extra-curricular activities.
  • Provide recommendations on the College’s future plan.

Meeting Schedules:

The Advisory College Board meets at least once every semester.

Dr. Hassan bin Ali Daghrery
College Dean and Chairman of the Advisory College Board, Najran

Dr. Wael Mohamed Al-Sadda
Head of the Medical Imaging Technology Department and the Academic Consultant
Dr. Belal Mohamed Hamza
Head of the Emergency Medicine Department
Dr. Hassan Kamal Al-Omran
Head of the Nursing Department
Dr. Ibrahim Mubarak Abdel Hafez
Head of the Health Services Administration Department
Dr. Ezz El-Din Abdullah Hamza
Head of the Preparatory year
Talal Moussa Hodeeb
Quality Supervisor, Female Students Section